Whole Grain Definition

In the past years, ICC and the Healthgrain Forum Association (HGF) have established close cooperation in such a way that HGF is linked to ICC as “The Nutrition-Health Task Force associated with ICC”.

Due to current discussions we would like to draw to your attention that Healthgrain Forum has elaborated a comprehensive HEALTHGRAIN Definition of Whole Grain which has been - as the only whole grain definition worldwide - published in a peer reviewed journal - Food & Nutrition Research 2014, 58: 22100.

The HEALTHGRAIN Definition of Whole Grain is getting growing support as THE whole grain definition in the EU. Also in the USA renowned organisations and experts (e.g. Whole Grains Council, ICC Academy Fellows) agree that this definition will be an improvement compared to existing definitions.

As this topic is currently widely discussed in Europe - triggered by the circulation-for-comments of the new Dutch Draft “Flour-bread Regulation” the HEALTHGRAIN Whole Grain Definition could be adopted as THE definition in Europe and possibly worldwide. AIBI, the International Association of Plant Bakeries is already aiming at commenting “replace your current whole grain definition by the HEALTHGRAIN definition”. Possibly the discussion will continue outside Europe as well.

As expert in cereal grain and grain product related issues, your opinion may be (or has already been) asked by your government or by an industry association. So, you can further support the usage of the HEALTHGRAIN Whole Grain Definition by spreading it in your professional environment. For more details about the HEALTHGRAIN Whole Grain Definition, please visit https://www.healthgrain.org/activities/whole_grain

We sincerely hope that you will endorse this initiative for getting the HEALTHGRAIN Whole Grain Definition widely accepted and internationally adopted.

We would also like to bring forward that a wide range of whole grain related issues will be highlighted in the coming Whole Grain Summit, Vienna 13-15 November 2017 https://www.wholegrainsummit.com/

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