Whole Grain Issues

Whole Grain Declaration

The overall outcome of the interactions at the Whole Grain Summit in Vienna lead to a joint Whole Grain Declaration - Download the Declaration HERE (will be posted soon)


HGF Whole Grain Definition

In the past years, ICC and the Healthgrain Forum Association (HGF) have established close cooperation in such a way that HGF is linked to ICC as “The Nutrition-Health Task Force associated with ICC”.

The Healthgrain Forum has elaborated a comprehensive HEALTHGRAIN Definition of Whole Grain which has been - as the only whole grain definition worldwide - published in a peer reviewed journal - Food & Nutrition Research 2014, 58: 22100.

The HEALTHGRAIN Definition of Whole Grain is getting growing support as THE whole grain definition in the EU. Also in the USA renowned organisations and experts (e.g. Whole Grains Council, ICC Academy Fellows) agree that this definition will be an improvement compared to existing definitions. For more details about the HEALTHGRAIN Whole Grain Definition, please visit https://www.healthgrain.org/activities/whole_grain


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