Cereal Science meets Technology - Save the date - Call for abstracts

"ICC has a long history of being at the forefront of cereal and grain technology. I am delighted to rekindle the ICC conference series and feel that now, more than ever, consumers are asking researchers and industry searching questions about cereal processing, human nutrition, agronomy practices, breeding and food safety. These aspects are at the core of ICC and will mean that the 19th ICC conference will stand out as one of the most thought provoking and transformational conferences of the year. I hope to welcome you all to Vienna in sunny April." Charles Brennan, Chair of the Scientific Committee

Scientific topics will be:

  1. Processing
    (milling, baking, extrusion, non-thermal processing techniques, starch functionality, separation technology)
  2. Quality and Safety
    (quality evaluation, grain performance, mycotoxins, chemical residues, acrylamide and other processing contaminants)
  3. Ancient and Novel Grains and Legumes
    (pseudo-cereals, non-traditional grain sources)
  4. Processing Aids
    (enzymes, additives, clean label, reformulation for healthier products)
  5. Food Security and Waste Reduction
    (availability, affordability, sustainability, climate change, plant breeding, added value creation from by-products, storage)
  6. New Instruments and Methods
    (rapid instrumental techniques for quality determination, novel methods for quality assurance)
  7. Cereal Nutrition
    (gluten free, wholegrains, glycaemic response, calorie reduction, dietary fibers, gut microbiota, micronutrients, functional components)
  8. Market Trends
    (consumer perception of cereals, food trends, international trade, block chain technology and its implications)

Special opportunity for ICC Corporate Members: ICC Corporate Members will also have the chance to submit proposals for sponsored Corporate Member Sessions at the 19th ICC Conference 2019. Check all details under sponsorship. All proposed sessions must be approved by the Scientific Committee before inclusion in the programme and can be submitted via the online submission tool.

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TW18 - Grains for Wellbeing - abstract submission still possible!

Reach out to the Asian region and join the international and regional participants at the ICC International Conference for wellbeing! Coming back from the summer break, abstract submission is still possible until 15 September - Take this opportunity to present your professional expertise!

Here are just a few items from the comprehensive conference scope:

  • trends in grain for wellbeing in the world
  • modern technology of breeding and agronomy for grains
  • research about the authenticity, traceability and safety of grains
  • novel development of wheat-based products for wellbeing

The ICC International Conference - Grains for Wellbeing will address many more topics and will be a great platform for exchanging research outcome and to discuss the trends in the grains industry. View the programme outline and confirmed speakers at www.grainsforwellbeing.org
Young scientists benefit: not only is a special discount for student registration offered, but there is also the excellent opportunity to get awarded at the Student Poster Competition.
A one-day technical tour to visit fields and manufacturers of grain products after the symposium will complement this event.
We look forward to welcoming you in Taipei!

Submit your abstract and register today under: www.grainsforwellbeing.org

MyNewGut Final Conference

Microbiome Influence on Energy balance and Brain Development-Fundtion Put into Action to Tackle Diet-related Diseases and Behaviour

EUFIC, together with all partners of the MyNewGut project, is organizing a final conference to present the results of this five-year EU funded project and provide an input on how the human gut microbiota and its genome (microbiome) influence obesity, behavioural – and lifestyle-related disorders.

The MyNewGut project – which falls under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme, - brings together 30 partners from 15 different countries and aims to identify specific dietary strategies to improve the long-term health of the population.

Why is it relevant for research and innovation?

Emerging evidence indicates that the gut microbiome contributes to our ability to extract energy from the diet and influences development and function of the immune, endocrine and nervous systems, which regulate balance and behavior. This has lead to hypothesize that developing microbiome-based dietary interventions can be cost-effective measures to prevent diet-related and behavioural disorders.

The conference will take place on 18 October 2018 at Stanhope Hotel, Rue de Commerce 9, B-1000 Brussels at 9 and will open with a session chaired by Isabelle de Froidmont-Görtz from DG research & Innovation of the European Commission.

Find more information at www.mynewgut.eu

Shape the future of ICC and nominate a candidate for ICC President Elect 2019-2020

According to ICC regulation, every other year ICC elects a new President Elect who will become the new ICC President after his/her two years term as President Elect. It is one of the rights of ICC Country Member organisations (in good financial standing) to propose a suitable candidate for this function.

Country Member organisations can support in nominating potential candidates for the ICC President Elect 2019 - 2020 - nominations should be made by 28 September 2018.

The ICC Presidents for the period 2019-2020 will be Dr. Charles Brennan, New Zealand (President), and Prof. Hamit Köksel, Turkey (Past President).

All suggestions will be collected and presented to the General Assembly for electronic voting approx. mid of October.

Further information and tasks can be found in the ICC Statutes, available in the member area on the ICC website (in the folder "members info"). If you are not yet a registered user, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Shape the future of ICC and the international cereals community in this prestigous function!

We look forward to receiving your nominations for the ICC President Elect 2019 - 2020 and thank you for your active involvement in important ICC decisions.

TW18 - Grains for Wellbeing - submit your abstract and register now!

The ICC International Conference “Grains for Wellbeing” in Chinese Taipei will cover a wide scope of scientific topics – plenary and keynote speeches, technical oral and poster reports will be included to thoroughly discuss:  

  • Breeding and Agronomy
  • Development of rice-based, rice-based products and products from specialty grains and pulses
  • Bioactive components of grains
  • Structure and Functions
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Micronutrients and phytochemicals in grain products
  • Authenticity and Safety
  • Communication and regulatory issues

This 2-day symposium is dedicated to food scientists, dieticians, nutrition researchers, regulatory agency, processers, market channels and interested consumers, to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the grain industry.

Student registration is also now possible!

Submit your abstract and register today under: http://www.grainsforwellbeing.org