ICC Individual Members

NEW! ICC now offers Individual membership! It is open for any natural person wishing to promote and contribute to the aims and activities of the Association. Individuals can chose a membership with or without online access to QAS. Individual membership also includes a vote in the General Assembly via an elected representative.

Individual Membership Benefits:

  • Join and get support from the ICC international network of professionals
  • 10% discount on registration for ICC events
  • Get first-hand information about upcoming standards and work progress
  • Free online access to QAS - the official ICC journal (regular price € 198.-- for individuals - included in the € 250.-- individual membership package)
  • Mobility - be part of mobility programmes/exchange of personnel between countries, universities, research institutes
  • Offer your professional services via ICC (Post a job, your cv)
  • Receive published information and news-alerts (e.g. ICC e-News, information on new publications and events, training announcements, etc.)
  • Right to use the ICC membership logo
  • Right to submit proposals to the ICC General Assembly
  • and more - see the Full list of benefits.