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Volume 08 (2016), Issue 1
Page(s) Title Free Author(s)
1 Editorial – Food safety and quality Click here to download the article for free!
  • Stanley P. Cauvain
3-9 Grains for feeding the world: the ICC/AISTEC conference on the occasion of the World EXPO Milan 2015 Click here to download the article for free!
  • F. Melini
  • M. Carcea
11-20 Effect of supplemental UV-B on yield, seed quality, oil content and fatty acid composition of Brassica campestris L. under natural field conditions
  • R. Tripathi
  • S. B. Agrawal
21-31 Effect of ratooning process on the engineering properties of NERICA rice varieties
  • O.V.I. Itabiyi
  • A.A. Adebowale
  • T.A. Shittu
  • S.O. Adigbo
  • L.O. Sanni
33-40 Duopoly competition in food industry considering corporate social responsibility
  • Y.-H. Chen
  • P.-Y. Nie
41-49 Predicting farinograph parameters by rapid visco analyser pasting profile using partial least square regression
  • M. Saleh
  • A. Amr
  • G. Mehyar
  • G. Ondier
51-55 Effects of oven and microwave drying on phenolic contents and antioxidant activities in four apple cultivars
  • F. Al Juhaimi
  • N. Uslu
  • D. Bozkurt
  • K. Ghafoor
  • E.E. Babiker
  • M.M. Özcan
57-63 Germinated lupin (Lupinus albus) flour improves Arabic flat bread properties
  • D.Z. Al Omari
  • S.S. Abdul-Hussain
  • R.Y. Ajo
65-72 Traditional flatbread with sorghum supplementation influences quality attributes of weight, volume, colour and texture
  • A. M. Yousif
73-79 The lipid fraction of seeds from Salvia columbariae grown in Arizona
  • B. Matthäus
  • M. M. Özcan
81-86 Socio-economic characteristics and willingness of consumers to pay for the safety of fura de nunu in Ilorin, Nigeria
  • B.A. Alimi
  • A.T. Oyeyinka
  • L.O. Olohungbebe
87-93 Drying of chilli pepper in various conditions
  • H. Tavakolipour
  • M. Mokhtarian
95-104 Improving the oil yield of Iranian Jatropha curcas seeds by optimising ultrasound-assisted ethanolic extraction process: a response surface method
  • G. Taghizadeh Farahani
  • P. Yosefi Azari
105-110 Optimisation of triterpenoids extraction from Anli pears (Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim) by pressurised liquid extraction
  • J.-H. Qu
  • B. Du
  • F. Peng
  • T.-K. Wang
  • Y.-D. Yang
111-116 Some chemical properties, mineral content and amino acid composition of cowpeas (Vigna sinensis (L.) Savi)
  • M. Harmankaya
  • E. Ceyhan
  • A.S. Çelik
  • H. Sert
  • A. Kahraman
  • M.M. Özcan
117-128 Optimisation of gluten-free tulumba dessert with buckwheat flour and potato starch
  • O. Yildiz
  • B. Bulut
129-135 Detection of fungal infection in pistachio kernel by long-wave near-infrared hyperspectral imaging technique
  • K. Kheiralipour
  • H. Ahmadi
  • A. Rajabipour
  • S. Rafiee
  • M. Javan-Nikkhah
  • D.S. Jayas
  • K. Siliveru
137-144 Contamination of common spices by aflatoxigenic fungi and aflatoxin B1 in Algeria
  • N. Azzoune
  • S. Mokrane
  • A. Riba
  • N. Bouras
  • C. Verheecke
  • N. Sabaou
  • F. Mathieu
145-156 Effects of sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps) damage ratio on physical, chemical, and technological characteristics of wheat
  • H. Dizlek
  • M.S. Özer
157-163 Utilisation of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum M.) and different legume flours in traditional couscous production in Turkey
  • M.K. Demir
  • B. Demir
165-177 Public health issues in the processing of cassava (Manihot esculenta) for the production of lafun and the application of hazard analysis control measures
  • A. Lateef
  • M.O. Ojo
Volume 08 (2016), Issue 2
Page(s) Title Free Author(s)
179-188 Change in major fatty acid composition of vegetable oil depending on phenolic incorporation and storage period
  • O.S. Toker
  • I. Ozturk
  • S. Karaman
  • H. Yalcin
  • A. Kayacier
  • M. Dogan
  • O. Sagdic
189-194 Physicochemical properties of wheat grains affected by after-ripening
  • S. Ma
  • X.X. Wang
  • X.L. Zheng
  • J.Z. Tian
  • K. Bian
  • L. Li
  • R. Xu
195-206 Production of hazelnut skin fibres and utilisation in a model bakery product
  • S. Cikrikci
  • I. Demirkesen
  • B. Mert
207-214 Improved storage and eat-ripe quality of avocados using a plant protein-based coating formulation
  • J. Taylor
  • M. Muller
  • A. Minnaar
215-230 Effect of wheat protein isolate addition on the quality of grape powder added wheat flour extrudates
  • Z. Tacer-Caba
  • D. Nilufer-Erdil
  • M.H. Boyacioglu
  • P.K.W. Ng
231-241 Development of multiplex-PCR systems for genes related to flour colour in Chinese autumn-sown wheat cultivars
  • Y. Zhang
  • X. Wang
  • X. Wang
  • L. Jiang
  • F. Liu
  • X. He
  • S. Liu
  • X. Zhang
243-248 Influence of processing and storage on chemical and biochemical characteristics of Mish cheese traditionally produced in Jordan
  • L.M. Ahmad
  • K.M. Al-Ismail
  • M.I. Yamani
249-259 Effect of sodium phosphate on the pasting, thermal, and rheological properties of potato and chickpea starches
  • M.S. Alamri
  • S. Hussain
  • A.A. Mohamed
  • A.A. Qasem
  • K. Mahmood
261-266 Physicochemical and bioactive properties of cakes incorporated with gilaburu fruit (Viburnum opulus) pomace
  • İ.T. Şeker
  • M.H. Ertop
  • M. Hayta
267-272 Effect of sowing methods and seed rates on wheat yield and water productivity
  • J.N. Chauhdary
  • U.D. Khan
  • S.H.H. Shah
  • M.A. Shahid
  • M. Arsalan
273-281 Effects of infrared treatment on tocopherols, total phenolics and antioxidant activity of soybean samples
  • S. Yalcin
  • A. Basman
283-288 Rice grain discoloration effect on physical properties and head rice yield in three rice cultivars
  • M. Mobasher Amini
  • M.R. Alizadeh
  • F. Padasht
  • S.A. Elahinia
  • S.A. Khodaparast
289-300 The effects of sowing date and seeding rate on spelt and common wheat protein composition and characteristics
  • M. Mikos-Szymańska
  • G. Podolska
301-308 Financial burden of allergen free food preparation in the catering business Click here to download the article for free!
  • A.R. Hoogeveen
  • H.J. van der Fels-Klerx
  • A. Bonanno
  • M.G.E.G. Bremer
309-318 Validation of a qualitative R5 dip-stick for gluten detection with a new mathematical-statistical approach Click here to download the article for free!
  • K.A. Scherf
  • S. Uhlig
  • K. Simon
  • K. Frost
  • P. Koehler
  • T. Weiss
  • M. Lacorn
Volume 08 (2016), Issue 3
Page(s) Title Free Author(s)
319-326 Effects of high pressure in association with pH and salt on the allergenicity, proteolytic and fibrinolytic activities of pineapple juice
  • J. Liang
  • J. Pan
  • Z.Y. Wu
  • M. Ge
  • J.F. Xu
327–331 The effect of rosemary essential oil on physico-chemical properties of extra-virgin olive oil stored in colourful bottles
  • F. Al Juhaimi
  • N. Uslu
  • M.M. Özcan
  • K. Ghafoor
  • E.E. Babiker
333–338 SSR markers based DNA fingerprinting and it’s utility in testing purity of eggplant hybrid seeds
  • N.K. Jha
  • S.R Jacob
  • T. Nepolean
  • S.K. Jain
  • M.B.A. Kumar
339–348 Effect of harvest year on the physical properties, chemical composition and cooking time of three common bean varieties that are grown in Mexico
  • J. Castro-Rosas
  • E.A. Aguirre-Santos
  • C.A. Gómez-Aldapa
  • S. Valle-Cervantes
  • L.A. Ochoa-Martínez
  • B. Hernández-Santos
  • J. Rodríguez-Miranda
349–358 Production and characterisation of gluten-free chestnut sourdough breads
  • I. Demirkesen
  • E. Puchulu-Campanella
  • S. Kelkar
  • O.H. Campanella
  • G. Sumnu
  • S. Sahin
359–368 Flavour characteristics of Spanish and Iranian saffron analysed by electronic tongue
  • K. Heidarbeigi
  • S.S. Mohtasebi
  • J. Serrano-Diaz
  • C. Medina-Plaza
  • M. Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti
  • G.L. Alonso
  • M.V. Garcia-Rodriguez
  • S. Rafiee
  • K. Rezaei
  • C. Garcia-Hernandez
  • J.A. de Saja
  • M.L. Rodriguez-Mendez
369–377 Quality characteristics of soybean germ oil obtained by innovative subcritical butane experimental equipment
  • J.H. Han
  • Q.F. Wu
  • B. Xu
  • S.L. Zhou
  • F. Ding
379–383 Confiscation of heavy metal residues in cauliflower using washing solutions
  • R.M. Amir
  • F.M. Anjum
  • M.A. Randhawa
  • S. Abbas
  • M.F. Saeed
385–391 Investigation of aflatoxin contamination in maize flour consumed in Giresun, Turkey
  • Ü. Şengül
  • E. Yalçın
  • B. Şengül
  • K. Çavuşoğlu
393–398 Investigating the effect of mosambi (Citrus limetta) peel powder on physicochemical and sensory properties of cookies
  • K. Younis
  • R. Islam
  • K. Jahan
  • M. Kundu
  • A. Ray
399–413 Antimicrobial resistance and residues in the EU: current situation and possible countermeasures, emphasis on Campylobacter and Salmonella
  • H.-L. Alakomi
  • A. Höhl
  • D. Horvatek Tomic
  • M. Thomas
  • G. Bruggeman
  • P. Tassis
  • E. Prukner-Radovcic
  • E. Tzika
  • L. Axelsson
  • W. Kneifel
  • M. Saarela
415–425 Differentiation of olive oils based on rheological and sensory characteristics obtained from six olive cultivars
  • A. Dagdelen
  • G. Ozkan
  • S. Karasu
  • O. Sagdıc
427–437 The improvement of bread characteristics of sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps) damaged bread wheat by blending application and using additives
  • H. Dizlek
  • M.S. Özer
439–445 Wheat flour solvent retention capacity, pasting and gel texture
  • M.S. Alamri
  • S. Hussain
  • A. Mohamed
  • M.A. Osman
447–456 Quality properties, mass transfer characteristics and energy consumption during shortwave infrared radiation drying of tomato
  • H. Kocabiyik
  • N. Yilmaz
  • N.B. Tuncel
  • S.K. Sumer
  • M.B. Buyukcan
457–472 Effect of apple fibre on textural and relaxation properties of wheat chips dough
  • S. Karaman
  • M.T. Yilmaz
  • Ö.S. Toker
  • F. Yuksel
  • A. Kayacier
  • M. Dogan
473–480 Towards improved rice processing in West Africa – the southwest Nigerian experience
  • A.A. Adebowale
Volume 08 (2016), Issue 4
Page(s) Title Free Author(s)
481–482 Editorial – Novel approaches for improving safety, health benefits and sustainability of grain based foods Click here to download the article for free!
  • Joel Abecassis, Jan Willem van der Kamp
483–492 Comparison of the impact of Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus rhamnosus on acrylamide reduction in flat and bulk bread
  • F. Dastmalchi, S.H. Razavi
493–500 The effects of cooking time and sugar on total phenols, hydroxymethylfurfural and acrylamide content of mulberry leather (pestil)
  • H. Boz, M.M. Karaoğlu, G. Kaban
501–508 Occurrence of aflatoxins in wheat flour specified for sangak bread and its reduction through fermentation and baking
  • F. Mohammad-Hasani, M. Mirlohi, L. Mosharraf, A. Hasanzade
509–518 Optimisation of aflatoxin B1 reduction in pistachio nuts by kefir grains using statistical experimental methods
  • F. Ansari, K. Rezaei, F. Khodaiyan, A. Rahmani
519–538 Sprouting of soybean: a natural process to produce unique quality food products and additives
  • M. Bartalné-Berceli, E. Izsó, S. Gergely, A. Jednákovits, J. Szilbereky, A. Salgó
539–554 Health benefits of fibre, prebiotics and probiotics: a review of intestinal health and related health claims
  • J. Carlson, J. Slavin
555–564 Control of rope spore forming bacteria using carambola (Averrhoa carambola) fruit pomace powder in wheat bread preparation
  • M.L. Sudha, P. Viswanath, V. Siddappa, S. Rajarathnam, M.N. Shashirekha
565–574 Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) extract from four different cultivars
  • M.M. Karimkhani, R. Shaddel, M.H.H. Khodaparast, M. Vazirian, Sh. Piri-Gheshlaghi
575–582 Application of plant hydrosols for decontamination of wheat, lentil and mung bean seeds prior to sprouting
  • N. Sahan, F. Tornuk
583–592 Effects of immature wheat on the nutritional and antinutritional quality of leavened and unleavened bread
  • H. Levent, N. Bilgiçli
593–596 Perspective: the path to confirming and exploiting potential satiety-enhancing effects of sorghum-based foods for human diets
  • A. Stefoska-Needham, E.J. Beck, L.C. Tapsell
597–608 Effects of processing on the chemical composition of rice
  • S. Arslan, M. Erbaş, C. Candal, C. Mutlu
609–616 Partial substitution of sodium chloride by potassium chloride in bread: effect on dough and bread properties
  • S. Sayar, F. Erdoğdu, G. Eydemir, E. Nayman
617–622 Quantification of rutin, quercitrin and quercetin in Cosmos caudatus Kunth by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography
  • M.M.A. Sharifuldin, Z. Ismail, A.F.A. Aisha, E.K. Seow, H.K. Beh